About My Small Home Business:

MrGraph LLC is a small Home Business established in 2013 which is now doing business in Monument, Colorado as the Sasquatch Running Company.  The Sasquatch Running Company specializes in Trail Running Events in the State Of Colorado for Fun, Fitness, and Personal Challenge.  We currently offer two Ultra Running Events (i.e.Kickers For Kids in Palmer Lake, Colorado and the Happy Camper Fun Run in Westminster, Colorado) and look to expand in Calendar Year 2019...Happy Running Trails To You™!


About Me:

My name is Darin Lewandowski and I am an avid trail runner living here in beautiful Monument Colorado.  For those of you who have never heard of Monument, Colorado my town is located smack dab in between Denver, Colorado and Colorado Springs, Colorado right down the I-25 corridor.  The elevation of Monument is around 7,400 feet above sea level which makes my town a very great place to train for different running events.


My Running Career:

I started my amateur running career back in Calendar Year 1999 with main goal of trying to get back into shape after spending 4 years in college and then 2 more years in graduate school.  Back then I could not even handle more than 2 minutes on a treadmill and now I have successfully completed over two dozen Marathons along with numerous 50K, 50 Miler, 100K, and 100 Mile running events.


2019 Nuun Ambassador:

I also have been a NUUN ambassador since Calendar Year 2015 because NUUN has great hydration products!  Before, during, and after my trail runs I always rely on NUUN ACTIVE hydration tablets to keep my electrolytes in balance and to keep my performance at peak levels (


State Of Colorado Trademarks:

Here are all of the State Of Colorado Trademarks that are owned by my small business MrGraph LLC (dba Sasquatch Running Company) of Monument, Colorado:

[1] Happy Running Trails To You™

[2] Have A Nice Run™

[3] Have A Nice Trail Run™

[4] Have A Nice Marathon™

[5] Have A Nice Half-Marathon™

[6] Have A Nice Ultra™

MrGraph LLC (dba Sasquatch Running Company) also owns 3 Federally Registered Trademarks as well:

[1] Smile Each Mile®

[2] Strideology®

[3] Our Strideopolis Company Logo


Facebook Pages:

Here are the links to the 3 Facebook Pages that I support (Kickers For Kids, Strideopolis, Smile Each Mile).

Kickers For Kids:


Smile Each Mile:

Personal Facebook Page:


Thank You!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by my little website!


Darin Lewandowski

Race Director & Ultra Runner

Monument, Colorado



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